January 12, 2019

Study: Sudoku Solver

Study: Sudoku Solver

About the project

Another personal project, my Sudoku solver was the result of a funny misunderstanding. Back in college we were choosing projects and the instructor, an Indonesian immigrant, suggested somebody should write a “Sudoku solver” game, as it would present a “unique but well defined challenge”. Well, as it turns out, what she meant was to create a game that would let the user play sudoku, which in retrospect would have been much easier. But that’s not what I made. What I made was a program that would allow one to enter a sudoku puzzle, from the Times or wherever, and push a button to solve it. It would work as a check for you answers. I have not solved a Sudoku puzzle by hand ever since because I can no longer solve them the “fun human deductive” way, and instead solve them basically by running my script by hand and much more slowly because I know it will work. Sudoku puzzles are now ruined.

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