Leif Hanson
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Indian River, Michigan 49749
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LAMP (Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL)
.NET (Silverlight, C#)
iOS (Objective-C & Swift)
Android (Java)


North Central Michigan College
Associates of Applied Science; Computer Information Systems

Petoskey, MI
September 2004 – August 2006

  • Office: Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, Power Point, Outlook. Thunderbird, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome from very early versions to present.
  • Visual Basic and C#: Intermediate to advanced programming in Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic for Applications, Visual Basic.NET, Visual C++, and C#.
  • C++ I & II: Intermediate to advanced programming in C++, using DevC++, Visual C++, and Visual Studio 2005.
  • Game Development with Java: Beginning to intermediate Java programming for use in game development and web applications.
  • Dynamic Web Page Creation: Web design and DHTML / CSS / Javascript / PHP / MySQL programming using Adobe CS3, including: Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, and Flash AS2.
  • E-Commerce Web Development: Use of Dreamweaver CS3 to develop custom ecommerce web software, including medical and retail software, using PHP and MySQL as well as traditional ASP and MS SQL Server.
  • Database Design: Design and implement secure normalized databases using Access, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle.

Americorps, Student Intern
Petoskey, MI
March 2006 – October 2006

  • Writing software for the East Jordan Family Health Center.
  • Uses HTML, XML, PHP and MYSQL database to dynamically generate patient prescription aid forms. Because each drug company has its own aid request form, patients whom have several medications must fill out several forms.
  • I planned and implemented the database design, and worked on a solution for form generation.
  • I learned a lot about HPPA compliancy in programming practices, for PHP, C languages, and database design.

Work Experience

Harbor House Publishers, Inc. – Director of Technology
Boyne City, MI
October 2014 – Present

As Director of Technology for Harbor House Publishers, my current position, I have to be able to work on a myriad of solutions. I have done everything here from rebuilding their entire web presence including nearly 50 websites, to rebuilding their entire network and file server architecture, to designing and building 30 iOS apps. It’s been a busy few years.

  • Manage all aspects of web design and development for almost 50 websites. First using their existing .Net websites, and then migrating the whole web presence to LAMP.
  • Manage all aspects of network and server infrastructure including our in-house Exchange server, in-house CentOS file server, and remote CentOS VPS web server.
  • Design and program all iOS apps and iOS digital publications from start to finish. We have released 30 apps to date and get dozens of downloads per day.
  • Construct a purpose-built CRM for our own use. This leverages LAMP with MySQL and WordPress for its back end and Datatables as its front end.
  • Handle all security needs from email and file server encryption to web server encryption. Protect web presence from XSS, SQL Injection, Brute Force, and DDoS attacks.

Gaslight Media – Developer, Lead Developer, Project Manager
Petoskey, MI
March 2012 – October 2014

Again with Gaslight Media I was something of a “jack of all trades”. In addition to being a web development studio, Gaslight runs their own ISP, so in this case I did very little networking. I hired in as a Front End Developer, then was promoted to Lead Developer, and then to Project Manager. For about 3 years I worked on their website development. I also did a substantial amount of their web designs during this time, though I still consider myself a programmer first and a designer second.

  • Primarily responsible for implementing custom designed responsive HTML5 and Pear Flexy templates onto Gaslight Media’s own CMS system. I am also familiar with templates/themes for several of the other major commercial CMS systems; WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and DNN to name a few.
  • I did about half of their website designs, in addition to all client side HTML5, Javascript, jQuery. I am also quite capable in Flash and Silverlight and was able to support some of their legacy Flash sites because of this, though I generally wouldn’t use these languages for new projects.
  • My duties have also come to include programming and database development in their PHP, PostgreSQL configuration. I actually got my start with PHP, so that wasn’t bad. I prefer MySQL or MSSQL, but it was a good opportunity to learn PostgreSQL as I hadn’t worked with it anywhere else.

Engage, Inc. – Developer, Lead Developer, Project Manager
Atlanta, GA (telecommute)
September 2009 – March 2012

At Engage I was also able to climb the ladder from Developer, to Lead Developer, to Project Manager even though in this case I was almost 900 miles from their headquarters. Though I was with Engage for almost 3 years, my time was spent almost exclusively on two contracts.

Aston Martin

  • While there were several companies that were involved in the making of the current Aston Martin website, Engage played a key role. I think it speaks highly of our work that even today, over 7 years later, the CMS system we built is still in use.
  • Within Engage I co-authored the custom CMS the entire site runs on, which is a highly customized implementation of MS Dynamics CRM 4.0 and ADX Studio Portals via C#.NET. The site also makes heavy use of jQuery and Tiny_mce on the client side. At the time of its construction, many of the modern technologies that are commonplace for responsive web development and modern CMS systems didn’t exist yet. In addition to building from scratch an “inline” CMS, revolutionary itself at the time, we also built a system to serve up images based on the size of the browser window. Today, one would include the Adaptive Images PHP library and be off and running with responsive images in a matter of minutes. Building such a system in 2009 from scratch was a bit more of an undertaking. Though interestingly enough, many of the techniques we used then are now used in the Adaptive Images library.
  • I was also directly responsible for overseeing the launch of the site, including onsite support in Gaydon, UK during launch. Much fun was had, though not much sleep, in getting their load balancing right since they have their site spread across what is basically their own CDN with 4 Verizon servers at critical points around the globe.

Small Business Administration

  • These were part of a very large, very expensive Silverlight and Bing maps project Engage did on contract to the SBA. I was hired onto Engage in the beginning for work on this project. Though shortly after this contract was up we landed the above Aston Martin contract and I stayed on until that was complete.
  • I worked primarily on mapping polygon shape files we would receive from the 100s of different districts onto a map of the US using Silverlight and MS SQL 2008. As well as programming visual data-mining, heat map, and routing functionality into the mapping applications. As with Aston Martin above, many of the libraries we take for granted these days didn’t exist back then. Specifically for this project, I designed an algorithm that would create the shortest route among several map points.
  • Secondly, I worked making the project Article 508 compliant due to governmental requirements. This was to be one of the first major Article 508 compliant Silverlight web applications in the world. Our company was commended by Microsoft for our ingenuity in making Silverlight 508 compliant on this project. I have hours and hours experience using the screenreaders Narrator and JAWS. (Though I see just fine.)
  • As part of this project I was required to pass a Federal Security level background check, although with its 5 year limit my security clearance has now lapsed.

AlpineWEB – Developer
Gaylord, MI
November 2008 – June 2009

My stay at AlpineWEB was unfortunately brief. You will see from the timetable about where we were in the Great Recession. Though I was laid off I left on good terms and have even had a few offers from their owner to return. Unfortunately I have always been in steady employment since leaving AlpineWEB and was never able to go back.

  • This job experience is still relevant because they used the ColdFusion language and MSSQL. Quite the rarity these days, but it could come in handy for legacy projects, and it’s always good to have another language under my belt.
  • Primarily worked on the client side with a sprinkling of form security since I had more experience with form security than their main developer. Even though that experience was on a MS Server running CF, the techniques for validation and sanitization really don’t change much from language to language.

Electronics Leader – Webmaster
Charlevoix, MI
May 2005 – October 2008

As webmaster for Electronics Leader, I again had a VERY “jack of all trades” type position.

  • Server & Webserver (LAMP) Administration and PCI compliant security. These days you can pretty much count on your host to handle PCI compliance (for a nice fee). However, back in this era it was up to the webmaster to update Apache, PHP, and MySQL when they needed it. In addition to handling which ciphers your SSL certificate was using. This knowledge recently came in handy for me when I purchased an SSL certificate for Harbor House, only to find that it still got an F on SSL Labs SSL test. A bit of tweeking with the allowed ciphers and we were good to go.
  • Database (MySQL) design, administration, and PCI compliant security.
  • Web Design and programming. Primarily adding product pages with DHTML via HTML / CSS / PHP / MySQL. Although I am quite familiar with the ASP.NET / MS SQL/ MS Dynamics CRM as well.
  • eCommerce security including: Apache mod_evasive, mod_security. Regular expression validation via PHP. SSL and redirects to secure pages. Custom PHP and Perl scripts to defend against XSS. Regularly mitigated HTTP GET Flood DDOS attacks.
  • PPC and SEO campaigns. I have 2 years experience with search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising. Including organic SEO, Google Adwords, Google Adsense, Priceline, Nextag, and others.

General Interests

In addition to my degree I have been programming in my own time since the days of GW Basic and C. I can hand code in HTML, DHTML, HTML5, XML, Javascript, AJAX, Jscript, Ascript, Classic ASP, .NET, PHP, Java, JSP,  Python, Perl, ColdFusion, C, C++, C#, Objective-C, Silverlight, Flash AS3, Visual Basic, VB.NET and VBA. I have experience with MySQL, MS SQL Server, MS Access, Postgres and Oracle. I am very experienced with jQuery and have recently taken up a few of my own projects in node.js. I am becoming more fluent every weekend with Objective-C, Swift, Metal, and Spritekit for iOS and have been hobby developing a game for the last year or so. I have experience with every major IDE released in the last 20 years, including: Visual Studio from 2003-2010, Dreamweaver 8-CC2017, Flash 8-CC2017, Photoshop CS2-CC2017, Fireworks 8-CS6, Illustrator CS3-CC2017, InDesign CS3-CC2017. I have also worked extensively with NetBeans, JavaBeans, Eclipse, Brackets, Notepad++, Vim, eMacs, Pico and several other more rudimentary text editors. I am quite familiar with CVS, SVN, and GIT versioning systems.

Today’s applications generally require use of several languages, frameworks, API’s, and platforms used together as part of a whole, and I have extensive experience with making projects work regardless of what platform, language, framework, or API is needed. I also have a unique combination of design, front end development, and back end full-stack development skills that I feel are well suited to almost any position on any development team.

I believe that my experience would make me an ideal fit at Boyne Country Sports. Please navigate the rest of this website for more information. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how I may be able to contribute to Boyne Country Sports. I look forward to hearing from you. I can be reached at (231) 445-0242, or by email at

Best regards,
Leif Hanson

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