Harbor House


Harbor House Publishers wanted to bring their business into the digital age. I have updated and rewritten 50 of their websites, hundreds of digital and web publications, and dozens of iOS and Android apps. In addition, I have handled all IT including management of a dozen Macs, a dozen PCs, MS Exchange email server, Linux web server, Linux file server, and a half dozen enterprise level printers.

LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
JS, jQuery
Windows, Mac, MS Server 2013 Management
Network, Printer, and Hardware Management
Server and WordPress Security

Harbor House Publishers is a mid-sized but far reaching publisher of Maritime and commerce publications in addition to books, maps, and other periodicals. I have worked with them for over three years on everything from websites, to mobile apps, to server and email infrastructure, to security.

My primary tasks as Technology Director for Harbor House include.

  • Manage 50 plus websites.
  • Manage 40 plus iOS apps.
  • Manage all technology infrastructure including: Exchange email server, LAMP web server, Linux file server, 10 Mac workstations, 10 Windows workstations, 6 enterprise level printers.
  • Design and develop news websites, apps, and internal tools like CRM and blast email systems I custom built in PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS/jQuery.

Sometimes the best features are unseen.

  • The site uses recursion and calculus to predict where a scroll will leave the user to create scroll effects and do “predictive image lazy loading” without having to track the scroll every pixel and bog down the system. To my knowledge this is the only system that uses this kind of advanced predictive algorithm to AJAX load images just before they are needed. (I got bored one evening…)
  • Used in combination with AJAX lazy loading the dozens of images on the single “infinite scroll” page I was able to keep the initial load down to 2MB, when the entire page if all assets are loaded all at once is over 20MB. Similar techniques could be used for web based games to lazy load images or even have the server pre-process HTML or Javascript as needed without page refresh.
  • The main site at harborhouse.com, and many of its subordinate sales sites like harborhouse.com/boyne, all use my own home cooked military grade hardened instances of WordPress featuring Google reCAPTCHA throughout, BCRYPT SSL key pair protection, and advanced security on the login and SSH ports of my own devising based on modrewrite and iptables, in addition to the best security WordPress plugins available.