Aston Martin


Aston Martin wanted a new website which used a CMS that could leverage Microsoft Dynamics CRM as its backend. This would allow them to integrate their CRM and CMS systems seamlessly. However, such a content management system did not yet exist. We wrote a custom CMS system in .NET that leveraged MS Dynamics CRM as its backend and featured inline editing and full server-side image scaling and front-end responsiveness built right in. We oversaw migration of their current content into the new system, and I oversaw the setup of 4 AWS boxes, their load balancing, and final QA and launch of the website in Gaydon, UK.

Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Dynamics CRM
.NET (Silverlight, C#)
Android (Java)

Aston Martin Lagaonda, Ltd.
Aston Martin is famous for being the auto of choice for James Bond, and for racing prowess throughout European automotive history.

Our Task
We were tasked with building a content management system with several major features.

  • The CMS system had to use Microsoft CRM Dynamics as its “database”, so their CMS and CRM could be fully integrated.
  • The CMS system had to have server-side responsive image scaling, as many page templates would use full screen high resolution imagery.
  • The CMS had to use inline editing throughout.