About Leif

Thanks for visiting, Dealer Inspire.

In my spare time you can find me snowboarding with my wife and kids or geeking out on my computer. I’m also a retro game enthusiast with a focus on system emulation.

Some of the best years of my career were when I was doing web development in the auto industry. I look forward to the opportunity to return to this subset of the web development field.

In a recent project I’ve built a custom install of the Provenance emulator so I can take old Nintendo and Sega games with me on my iPhone.

When I’m not enjoying these two primary pastimes I like to spend time with the kids doing pretty standard northern Michigan stuff like camping, hiking, biking, paddling, kayaking, SUPing, and any of the other myriad outdoor activities common for Northern Michiganders.

Thanks again for your time and consideration and have a great 2019!

Leif Hanson

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